February Authentic Relating Games

Dear Community,

It’s still winter, but here in Oakland, spring is already in the air with more daylight and some warmer weather. After the restful days of winter, spring always makes me think of opportunities for renewal. In authentic relating, we treat each moment as an opportunity for newness. When we share what’s alive for us in each moment alongside an open heart and mind, extraordinary things can happen. Please join our next event, where we’ll learn more about these practices, play authentic relating games and create connection.

Our next Authentic Relating Games event will happen on Thursday, February 25, 2021, 7:00 - 9:00pm PT. This event is free and limited to 16 people so you're encouraged to sign up early.

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What are Authentic Relating Games? Authentic Relating Games are a place to practice different ways of being human with others. AR Games interrupt our habitual ways of being, and offer opportunities to stretch ourselves emotionally, mentally, and relationally.

What are the games like? Some of them are played one on one, some in small groups, some with the whole group. They can be fun and playful, or serious and edgy.

Please note: Authentic Oakland events will be online only during the covid-19 pandemic. Each participant should join from their own computer in a quiet space. After you sign up, you’ll be sent a separate email invitation.

With love,