June Authentic Relating Games

Dear Community,

This past weekend was exhilarating for me in several ways. It was the first time I’ve participated in large group outdoor gatherings with friends since the pandemic started. So it was just wonderful to see groups of friends in person again with all of the smiles, hugs and laughter. At the same time, something else was happening that really excited me: I was noticing others’ presence, energy and ways of being in ways that I hadn’t recalled doing before the pandemic. Though facilitating Authentic Oakland events, Integral Coaching training, and other readings, I’ve become more attuned to subtle aspects of people that’s opened up new dimensions for communication and connection. While I can’t guarantee the same experience for you, I can confidently say that Authentic Relating has made a huge impact on how I connect with others. It’s my hope that through our events, each of you can experience moments of this for yourself. Please join our next Authentic Relating Games as we practice attuning to others in order to bring us into deeper connection.

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I know that much of the Authentic Oakland community is really looking forward to in-person events. I'm expecting these to start in July at the earliest. It will largely depend on how the planned California State reopening unfolds. However, I'd like to start planning for these events now. We’re looking for large, outdoor, semi-private spaces such as backyards and gardens where 10 - 20 people can gather for an event. If you have access to such a space, please get in touch.

Our next Authentic Relating Games event will happen on Wednesday, June 23, 2021, 7:00 - 9:00pm PST. This event is limited to 16 people so you're encouraged to sign up early.

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What are Authentic Relating Games? Authentic Relating Games are a place to practice different ways of being human with others. AR Games interrupt our habitual ways of being, and offer opportunities to stretch ourselves emotionally, mentally, and relationally.

What are the games like? Some of them are played one on one, some in small groups, some with the whole group. They can be fun and playful, or serious and edgy.

Please note: Authentic Oakland events will be online only during the covid-19 pandemic. Each participant should join from their own computer in a quiet space.

With love,